1. Original Fit
  2. High Quality PU / PVC
  3. Interior Matching Colours
  4. No Chemical Odour
  5. Termite Resistant

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Welcome to Influence

What does a car need beyond performance? What does a car need beyond mileage?What does a car need beyond its engine? Here is all what you need. A car speaks the personality of a man. A car speaks about the status of a man. A car speaks the soul of a person. “A man who knows to respect his vehicle, Knows how to have respect for him”. Though the outer skin is hard, everyone just looks for a sweet and juicy fruit inside. Likewise, Even if the performance and features are great, we need Luxury inside our vehicle for having our heart and soul filled with the happiness of driving our wheels. In INFLUENCE we assure you happy and luxurious driving with our products. You’ll fall in love again and again with your car and its luxury with oursophisticating products. Through INFLUENCE, we provide you with a variety of luxury seats and covers for your comfort and for your love on your vehicle. “A relationship without Trust is just like a Car without Fuel, You can stay in it. But it won’t take you anywhere” Likewise, The trust which our customers have on us drives us in creating more stuffs and helps us concentrate more on quality. If you could not find a luxury/sport car of your dreams, CREATE one…. And we’ll help you with it